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We need to compensate for the crazy amount of jet fuel we use!

This pledge is intended to get us thinking about our carbon footprint as artists. The considerations below will continue to be researched. Please email us if you have any suggestions for how we can improve this list!

As a Green Artist, I pledge to:

  • request that my employers book train travel for short travel requirements (i.e. Boston to New York)

  • consider offsetting my carbon emissions from jet travel through Terra Pass (general offset programs world-wide) The Good Traveler (airline industry-specific) either personally or by asking my employer. Both are certified by third party regulation (through companies like Green-E) and Terra Pass is backed by all its major standards.

  • use public transportation or bike whenever possible, or carpool when rental cars are necessary

  • pack my own toiletries, and tell housekeeping services to re-use the hotel-provided ones (they are sometimes thrown away unless specified that they weren’t touched)

  • inform my employers that they need not supply plastic water bottles, however kind that is. We musicians usually have our own anyway.

  • if I own a tablet or e-reader already, I will use it instead of having paper music shipped to me

  • get pre-rehearsal coffee in my travel thermos

  • eat plant-based meals as often as possible

  • travel with tupperware for restaurant leftovers


  • Consider getting trained with the Environmental Voter Project, a non-partisan organization that works to get people elected into office that will fight for the climate. It’s work we can do anytime, anywhere, which is good for people like us!


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