I don’t feel I can contribute financially, or I’d rather volunteer.

You may take that percentage you’d like to donate and match that with a percentage of rehearsal hours through which you donate volunteer hours instead. Your bio may read something like “[Your name] is a member of Beyond Artists, a coalition that pledges a percentage of each project to organizations they care about. He is matching a percentage of rehearsal hours to volunteer with [organization].” Or you don’t have specify how you are supporting the organization for the second sentence, but simply state instead “She is supporting [org] with these performances.”

I don’t feel I can contribute with every project I do.

That’s okay! Do what you can, when you can. Anything you can do builds awareness and helps the work of that organization.

Would any of my employers be nervous about printing this?

The concept of Beyond Artists has been vetted with a number of executive directors and managers already. You can always choose what you print in your bio: you may print only information about Beyond Artists for example and not what you are donating to, which can be listed on the Beyond Artists website and/or your personal website instead.

Do I have to contribute to the same organization consistently?

One of the benefits of this platform is that you can donate to and feature different institutions whenever you like.

I think my employer would match my donation.

Please consider asking, as some have been more than happy to do so. In addition, consider publicizing in your bio that they are matching it.

I have more questions and/or or ideas on further steps we can take!

Contact “beyondartists@beyondartists.org”.